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4 Best Disney Cartoons of all Time

Walt Disney, a company that has been a constant source of entertainment for a gazillion individuals worldwide, was founded in 1920. A few friends of Disney collaborated on a joint effort to make animated content. Disney was the pioneer when it came to animated content.

Back in those days, animation was one of those fields that brought in a lot of revenue as the number of competitors was low, but the customer base was high. This is precisely what Walt Disney took advantage of and made some of the best Disney cartoons viewed by its audience in the 21st century.

With time, Disney diversified its portfolio to attract financial investors and mitigate the risk of its animated content becoming redundant sooner or later. Due to this, they entered the market of amusement parks as well.

Disney has made some of the top-rated content regarding animated cartoons. 

The top 4 Disney cartoons have been discussed in this article down below.

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1. Phineas and Ferb 

Regarding Disney cartoons, no one can miss out on Phineas and Ferb. This is the first cartoon series that comes to mind when you hear the word, Disney. To break it down for those alien to these cartoon series, Phineas and Ferb were produced by Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh.

It was not until August 17, 2007, that Phineas and Ferb were first broadcasted on the Disney Channel and on Disney XD. 

However, after that, the producers took their sweet time airing the second episode. This episode was broadcasted on September 28, 2007.


Phineas and Ferb have some compelling characters, and every character has a unique role to play. Marsh portrayed his upbringing in this show by showing the concept of a blended family. Phineas and Ferb are two stepbrothers, and this concept was not that mainstream in those times.

  • Phineas Flynn: An eight-year-old who is the son of Linda Flynn Fletcher, but Lawrence Fletcher is his stepfather. They tried to show this by matching their hair color of Phineas with his mother, Lawrence. He is the protagonist in this story.

The individual who voiced Phineas Flynn was Vincent Martella. The producers gave him a triangular face cut to show his big nose. He wears a shirt with orange and white stripes, pairing them with blue shorts.

Phineas is shown as a brilliant street character and an extrovert in nature. He comes up with the most exciting plans for their summer vacations that revolve around mind-boggling concepts.

  • Ferb Fletcher: This character is shown to be two years older than Phineas. Lawrence Fletcher is his father, whereas Linda Flynn Fletcher is his stepmother. They portrayed him as a British boy through his accent and fairer skin tone.

Compared to Phineas, Ferb has an extroverted personality and is not street smart. Instead, he is book smart and is often referred to as a nerd. Unlike his stepbrother, he has an optimistic viewpoint on everything, as he motivates the entire team to do better. He feels that he can find a solution to every problem.

Ferb has neon green hair and a long rectangular face. He pairs a white shirt with purple pants that are held together using a belt. His left eye is more significant than his right eye. This character hardly ever laughs.

An interesting point about his character is that he is reticent but surprisingly not shy enough. He does not speak to most of the supporting characters until and unless they talk to him. He is more inventive than Phineas as well.

  • Candace Flynn: She is fifteen years old and is the eldest sister of Ferb and Phineas. Lawrence Fletcher is her stepfather, whereas Linda Flynn Fletcher is her biological mother. Ashley Tisdale was the voiceover artist for Candace’s character.

She is always against the experiments and inventions of her brothers. Candace is always out to get them and report their activities to their mom. She has a squeaky voice. As far as her outer appearance is concerned, she has red hair like her mother and biological brother.

She also has a long neck and a petite physique. She wears a pink top and pairs it with a white skirt and sandals. She is the story’s main antagonist in this show, always trying to get her brothers busted.

She has the typical inferiority complex that exists between siblings. She thinks that her parents play an unfair game with her because they ignore the experiments of her brothers. 

When she tries to become a little inventive, she gets scolded for that. She has a catchphrase in the series, “Mom, Phineas, and Ferb are making,” which you can hear at the music video’s end.

  • Perry the Platypus: The Flynn and Fletcher family have provided a home to a platypus called Perry. This platypus is turquoise in color and wears a brown hat. Perry is shown to be a secret agent or a detective who works for an agency. He is after an evil scientist who wants to destroy the world or be at the top. 

Dee Bradley Baker provided the voiceover of this character. He acts innocent and normal when his caretakers look out for him and somehow the other. He always makes it home on time.

  • Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz: He is the evil scientist whose vendettas Perry the Platypus is trying to stop. Dan Povenmire has provided the voiceover for Dr. Doof. 

Many viewers do not know that the idea of ruling the world or destroying it was proposed to him by Linda Flynn Fletcher, the mother of Phineas and Candace. They went on a date that eventually failed, and she advised Dr. Doof to rule the world. 

The doctor makes new gadgets, some small in size and some gigantic but fails on his evil missions in every episode as Perry the Platypus takes over. 

Moreover, another important factor has been associated with this character. Dr. Doof used to have mentally abusive parents, making them attention seekers. He was always on the hunt for validation from his father. He wears a white coat and black shirt, which shows that he is a scientist.


Phineas and Ferb have their summer vacations rather than sitting at home idly. They decide to build different gadgets and machines, e.g., an ice cream machine or a tree house that looks ordinary from the outside but on the inside, it’s bigger than the house they are living in.

Phineas usually comes up with the idea or concept, and Ferb tells them about the practicality of that idea. There are different tunnels inside their house, and Perry, the platypus, uses these tunnels to escape on his daily mission of saving the world.

Candace usually wakes up to the inventions that Phineas and Ferb make daily and watches them in their garden from the window of their lounge. Their parents leave the house after 8 or 9 am for work and have the entire house for themselves. Candace is usually out with her boyfriend, and the experiments of the two kids fail at times which makes everyone aware of it.

The inventions of the two boys and that of Dr. Doof usually coincide at one point during the entire episode. The identity of Perry the Platypus is at stake during such instances, but he still manages to remain undercover. Isabella is another character who wears a pink dress. She has a crush on Phineas, and in every episode, she has one dialogue asking the two brothers, “Whatcha doing?”. 

Every day Candace tries to bust her brothers when their mom comes home. The second the mother enters the backyard, she finds her sons sitting under the tree, which makes her think that Candace is a pathological liar. Phineas always has legal criteria and evidence which permits them to work on these unique gadgets and machines.

2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the pioneer when it comes to computer-generated animated series. The first episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was aired back in 2006. This series’ producers were Bob Gannaway, and around 126 episodes have been aired.

This computer-generated animated series is made for school-going children. Parents who want to develop peculiar problem-solving and analytical skills in their children from a young age encourage them to watch such cartoons.


  • Mickey Mouse: This famous character has been voiced by Wayne Allwine, but in season 4, Bret Iwan took over in voiceover. He has a cheerful and chirpy personality. Mickey has a lot of friends who live near his house. Initially, Mickey Mouse was to be named Mortimer Mouse.

It is challenging to miss out on his character because of the outfit he wears. The big black ears, round face, and red shorts with two white buttons on them, paired with yellow boots and white gloves, make the character stand out and easily recognizable.

Every day, Mickey experiences some issues he solves with his viewers’ help. He is said to be an underdog because despite being of a young age, he has strong problem-solving skills and encourages his viewers to have the same qualities.

He is also quite optimistic and encourages his friends, making them realize they can get through any problem if they work together. This character is a protagonist and teaches the children small yet impactful lessons such as being kind and helping others. This has a significant impact on the learning skills of young children.

  • Minnie Mouse: Another important character in the show is Minnie Mouse. Russie Taylor conducted her voiceover. She is said to be Mickey’s crush and has a crush on Mickey. She is often identified by the big pink head bow and the pink polka dot dress she wears. She pairs that dress with yellow heels. 

Her original name is Minerva Mouse, but this is not used in the Disney world at all. She has a feminine personality and is quite well-mannered as well. She acts as a support system for Mickey Mouse throughout all his worries and missions.

She showers the supporting characters with kindness, love, and affection throughout the show. She is also fashionable and keeps the dressing sense of other feminine characters in check throughout the show.

She entertains the little kids with cute and easy dance steps or musical performances, which the female viewers enjoy quite a lot. Coupled with Mickey Mouse, they are the show’s most loved characters.

  • Goofy: This character is an anthropomorphic dog voiced by Bill Farmer. He wears a mustard-colored turtleneck with a sleeveless black overcoat. He pairs these with blue jeans and a blue cap.

For the shoes, he wears brown boots. He has two teeth visibly showing out of his mouth, and his name is goofy because of his goofy laugh and goofy voice. He, too, wears white gloves with his outfit.

Out of all the characters, Goofy is the clumsiest and sleepiest. He takes time to process whatever is happening around him, but he is also Mickey Mouse’s best friend. He lives on a farm near Mickey’s house and often visits him.

During the show, all the slapsticks are experienced by Goofy despite being asked to stay vigilant by his best friend, Mickey Mouse. Children tend to enjoy these slapsticks and burst into the joy of laughter.

  • Donald Duck: This character has been voiced by Tony Anselmo. He is shown to be a short-tempered duck. Donald is identified as a white duck wearing a black coat with golden buttons. He pairs that with a blue cap and a red ribbon on his jacket. This character is always frustrated or angry about something.

Donald wants everything to happen his way. Mickey Mouse uses this as an opportunity to teach specific lessons to the children, such as not being stubborn or selfish. Somehow the other, Donald, is also the antagonist in this show, but he is also the friend of Mickey Mouse. He is more impatient and immature than other characters in this show.

He has a great vocabulary which makes the children interested in finding the meanings of different words. However, that is coupled with his speech impairment. Usually, we see him sticking his tongue out as a comeback when things do not go according to his liking.

  • Pluto: A man’s best friend is his dog, and Mickey Mouse’s best friend is his dog, Pluto. It is by far the most obedient and intelligent dog that the children would ever come across. Just like Goofy, Pluto has also been voiced by Bill Farmer.

Pluto is brown and wears a green color. It is a medium-sized dog. This dog tends to panic whenever a problem arises but shows affection to his owner, Mickey, at times of need. Moreover, he has an adventurous personality and is also the first to be on board whenever his owner encounters a situation.

  • Daisy Duck: She has been voiced by Tress MacNeille. Despite getting infuriated by Donald’s short temper and anger issues, she is the one who keeps him in check and calms him down. We often find Donald running to her for the minor inconvenience and then ranting about how something did not go his way.

Daisy Duck wears a lilac blouse and a big lilac bow on her head. She, too, is a white-colored duck. She pairs the blouse with a black skirt and purple heels. Her long lashes and big eyes often identify her. She, too, is quite fashionable like Minnie Mouse. They are often seen having a tea party at Minnie’s place.

Moreover, Daisy is a lot calmer and more intelligent than Donald Duck. Daisy has Donald wrapped around her fingers but loves him more than any character on the show. These two characters are often seen together in the series.

  • Toodles: This is voiced by Rob Paulsen. This character is a flying robot that lives inside and outside Mickey Mouse’s house. It has the shape of Mickey’s face. It immediately comes on screen whenever Mickey or any other character shouts its name more than thrice.

The characters encourage the viewers to call out Toodles with them. Mickey uses Toodles to present the different options the children or viewers have to choose. These options are usually machines, tools, food, or equipment needed when the group of friends experiences any issues.

For example, they might ask for a map or some snacks. The last option that Toodles presents is the mystery box. This is submitted by a question mark and is for the climax of the show. Toodles cares about Mickey greatly and always tries to keep him out of trouble. 


The show starts with Mickey Mouse waking up and coming downstairs when the house begins singing a song. This is known as the Hot Dog song, which Mickey and his friends encourage the children to sing with them. After that, one of his friends is usually in trouble or is missing. Then he gets different hints and clues.

He has to solve a mystery to figure out where his friends are. After that, Toodles provides him with the necessary equipment to be successful in his mission. Toodles leaves a mystery box called the ‘Mystery Mouseketool’ for the end, which resolves the most significant challenge that Mickey and his group of friends experience on the show.

3. Lilo and Stitch 

Lilo and Stitch is also an animated cartoon series that belongs to the science and fiction genre. This show was directed by Chris Sanders and Dean Deblois and was produced by Clark Spencer. Alan Silvestri made the music for this show, which first aired on June 16, 2002.

These cartoons were brought down by the famous film Lilo and Stitch. The plot of this series is Hawaiian, and it teaches the children and other viewers essential life lessons, values, and morals. Parents encourage their children to watch these cartoons because of these essential teachings.


  • Lilo Pelekai: Lilo, an eight-year-old Hawaiian girl whose parents died when she was just a baby, was raised by her sister Nani. Daveigh Chase has provided the voiceover of this character. She has a small height and straight long black hair. In the series, she wears a muumuu which is a Hawaiian dress (a short skirt and top made up of leaves and bushes). She pairs this dress with sandals.

She is a gifted child as she can understand and empathize with the people she is surrounded with and also with animals or aliens. Moreover, she hardly has any friends and often feels alone because of the death of her parents. This happens despite being provided with immense love and affection by her sister. 

The school she attends is called The Hula School, and she has diverse hobbies. Some of her hobbies include taking photographs of the tourists visiting the Hawaiian Island, watching horror movies, talking to her sister and relatives about it, and protecting the Island from any harm. 

Moreover, she loves to swim and can swim better than many professionals worldwide. She loves exploring spooky places, which pose a challenge to her.

She usually feels like she does not belong where she lives and considers herself a misfit. She believes she has a greater purpose than just being a young school-going girl. This is precisely how the story unfolds when she finds her best friend Stitch.

  • Stitch: Stitch is an alien who was formed by experiment 626. He was created by an evil scientist called Dr. Jumba. The Stitch is blue and looks like a Koala. It has big eyes, short arms, short legs, and big ears. As discussed earlier, the series director, Chris Sanders, has voiced this character.

Lilo initially adopts Stitch as a dog when she sees him all along the Island, and she provides her a home and a place to live. She tries to figure out the kind of food he would accept or if the hot weather in Hawaii would suit him or not.

Moreover, Lilo likes Stitch because of some negative traits. She wants him because of how ill-mannered and mischievous he is. She then teaches Stitch essential manners; sooner or later, it is impossible to recognize Stitch as he becomes pretty well-mannered.

Stitch gets angry about small things and has a short temper. He runs away multiple times after being adopted by Lilo but sooner or later realizes that he has no one but her. 

After that, Stitch showers her with utter love and affection. Lilo and Stitch solve multiple problems and go on different missions to save their precious Island from Dr. Jumba.

  • Scrump: Like every girl who likes to play with dolls, so does Lilo. Scrump is Lilo’s rag doll. Unlike other girls, Lilo’s rag doll is handmade, and she does not leave it alone under any circumstances. She will put her own life in danger to save Scrump.

The appearance of this doll is such that it is green in color. It has button eyes of different colors which are not even appropriately aligned. The mouth of the rag doll is stitched, but because a small girl stitched it, the stitching is quite uneven and unbalanced.

During times of sadness, grief, sorrow, and fear, Lilo is often seen with Scrump. She holds onto it tightly. Stitch often gets jealous of Scrump because he wants Lilo to love him more than Stitch. However, he also realizes how vital Scrump is to her and tries to protect the doll for her under any circumstances.

When other girls look at Lilo’s doll, they often feel scared and make fun of her because of this. This is another reason why the girls find her different and weird and prevent themselves from being friends with her.

  • Nani Pelekai: She is Lilo’s only sibling and is ten to fifteen years older than her. She does not dress like Lilo at all. She is often seen in an orange top, blue jeans, and loose hair. She has long, beautiful black hair, big eyes, and lips. Her smile is also quite bright.

Lilo and Nani often have differences because she tries to look out for her younger sister. However, fails to do so when Lilo thinks she knows everything and that she is not small enough to save her Island from Dr. Jumba.

Nani supports her family financially and provides emotional support whenever any character faces any issue. She teaches wise life lessons which hold a deep meaning but is easy enough for the children to understand.

She is kind-hearted and has a gentle voice throughout the series. Lilo usually realizes that she should have listened to what her sister had to say. It was tough for Lilo to convince Nani that she wanted to adopt Stitch as her pet dog. 

Lilo used to hide Stitch in the initial episodes until Nani found out about it. After a lot of convincing, Nani agreed to it. Despite being the one who provides financial support to her family, Nani is often seen to be searching for jobs but hardly gets enough time for that.

She is often seen cleaning up the catastrophic mess her sister Lilo and her dog Stitch created. This leaves her with no time to focus on herself and to do anything that would make her happy or calm her nerves. 

Despite all of this, she loves Lilo a lot. Throughout the show, she fears losing her little sister to Cobra Bubbles, a care center for young children who do not have a legal guardian.

  • Dr. Jumba Jookiba: He is the show’s antagonist and the evil scientist who initially made Stitch. He tries to steal him back from Lilo from time to time, but in every episode, Lilo prevents that from happening.

As for his appearance, he is purple and has a lot of fats stored inside his body, which is pretty overweight. He wears a tie of golden or mustard color and a sleeveless white overcoat that ends just above his belly button. His skin is pink in color.

David Stiers voices this character. Dr. Jumba is notorious, but when he is not working, he is shown hanging out with his friends, which tells us that he is an extrovert and quickly makes friends. He has four eyes and a wide mouth, whereas regular scientists have two eyes. He also lost a few of his teeth and has a small nose.

Jumba’s biggest strength is his extremely high IQ, which is only hampered by a few minor and infrequent memory lapses. 

His propensity for devising various damaging, convoluted experiments and technology is practically unequaled. His invention 626 is testimony to his ingenuity, being nearly unbeatable and one of the galaxy’s most powerful combatants.

He has also retained the identity and specific skills for each of Stitch’s “cousins” that he made. Jumba also demonstrates above-average strength and toughness during his fight with Stitch near the climax of Lilo & Stitch. When Jumba employs a combing gadget as a probing bullet, he exhibits his above-average load-bearing capacity.

His incredible toughness is proved when Stitch continuously assaults him with various heavy items (along with a Volkswagen Beetle). And even tossed through a wall at one point and merely emerged slightly disturbed. He and Stitch also survive at the epicenter of a laser explosion large enough to demolish Lilo’s house.


This story is a constant battle of Nani trying to protect Lilo from the eyes of Cobra Bubbles. All her friends push her into giving in and trusting the caretakers, but she goes against their advice, deciding to take care of Lilo on her own.

Moreover, it is also a constant battle of Lilo trying to protect Stitch from the evil scientist Dr. Jumba. Plus stopping him from experimenting or making different gadgets to destroy the island and the entire world.

The story keeps revealing the different attributes the Stitch has and portrays different skills that Lilo has of courage, strength, and kindness. It teaches the children or viewers to put others before themselves and how to be kind to those children who have lost their loved ones.

4. Kim Possible 

This production of Walt Disney belongs to the action and comedy genre. It is an outstanding portrayal of women’s empowerment. Rather than showing a male character who tries to save the world from evil, they have established a female character called Kim. She risks her life to save the world.

Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle produced this series. Moreover, the theme music of this animated cartoon series was created by Cory Larios. In total, these cartoons have four seasons and 87 episodes. Adam Berry is the composer of this show. Like many other shows, this show was first aired back in 2002 as well.


  • Kimberly Ann: She is more commonly known as Kim Possible in the show. She is a young teenage girl. She can be identified by her immense beauty, red hair, black full-sleeve top, and green jogger pants. She pairs all of this with a brown belt and black shoes. 

Kim is the protagonist of this show. She is shown as the popular girl who is also the head cheerleader of her school. Her friends and the antagonists see two very different personalities. She offers a lot of flexibility and can jump high as well. She has learned this in her cheerleading practices.

It was not until Kim Possible was aired in 2002 that cargo pants and crop tops came into fashion. Young viewers used to go crazy after this outfit, and many used to dye their hair to be like hair. She is a source of inspiration for those girls who used to get bullied in school for having red hair.

She also has a lot of student loans in high school, so she is searching for a job. Due to this, she makes a website and tells the world about her peculiar babysitting and lawn mowing skills.

Life is a constant battle for Kim, and she struggles to make it past her self-doubts and broken relationships. She fights against bullying, teaching the young viewers essential lessons and building their character. Christy Carlson has voiced her.

  • Ronald Stoppable: More commonly known as Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible’s boyfriend and best friend in the series. He is an introvert, does not like to sit in gatherings, and is also quite clumsy. In everyday stories, the boy saves the girl, but, in this case, it is different. Kim struggles to preserve and protect her boyfriend Ron from trouble by putting her own life at risk.

Despite having a shy aura, he has become more confident as he works hard to be enough for Kim. He tries to work with her in a team that works well for Kim. He is the source of comedy in the show and has a weird phobia of monkeys.

  • Wade Load: He has been voiced by Tahj Mowry and is a friend of Ron and Kim. He is pretty smart and intelligent. He has a firm grasp of computer-related stuff. And he is the one who makes Kim and Ron aware of all the trouble that is to come their way.

With the help of Wade, Kim and Ron try to figure out the best possible strategy to combat a particular situation. Not only that, he provides Kim with the right tools and equipment that she requires to fight any evil that comes her way. 

On a side note, Kim’s babysitting and lawn mowing website is handled by Wade Load.

  • Dr. Drakken is the antagonist of this show and has been voiced by John DiMaggio. He wears a blue suit and is shown to be an evil scientist who just wants to take over the world. 

Out of all the enemies reported in the show, Dr. Drakken is the most dangerous one. His admiration for dominating the world and making everyone follow his lead is unmatched.

All his ideas somehow fail because Kim looks for loopholes. He might be dangerous and evil, but he is not as intelligent as Kim and her team. He is also quite impatient and impulsive than other enemies that she has.

  • Shego: She is Kim’s worst female enemy and the female antagonist of the show. Many children admire her for her looks, as her voluminous long black hair is let loose, and she wears a green outfit that looks amazing.

She barely smiles throughout the show, and when she does, it is when she thinks of another evil way to bring Kim down for good. She has been voiced by Nicole Sullivan, who is pretty witty and impulsive. Coupled with that and her short temper, she leaves no chance to hurt Kim.


On an everyday basis, Kim finds out about the evil that is to come her way when she wakes up or when she is at school. She receives a text message from Wade Load and those who require her help. Her ringtone got quite famous, and many people still use it. She then looks for the people in trouble and sooner or later realizes that it is just a plot or trap set by her opponents to bring her down so they can conquer the world.

All the enemies try to join hands so that their collective power can work against Kim, but they fail from time to time because of Kim’s good intentions. She not only wants the best for her family and friends but for those who are strangers to her as well. She always knew she lived to serve a greater purpose than an ordinary cheerleader.  


These are all the top-rated Disney cartoons that young viewers enjoy watching. And their parents encourage them to be more like certain characters they look up to. They incorporate these characters and try to embellish their qualities themselves.