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There has been so much talk, questions on Awstats as a way to keep track of your site visits. So, I will be explaining: Unique Visitors, Page Views, Bandwidth & ‘hits’ will be explained here.



UNIQUE VISITORS: This number is the total amount/number of visits by a unique IP address. This at times can be mis-leading as dial-up visitors (not sure how many are still out there these days), get a new IP address each time they log-in; so you can have the same person visit each time and give you a new Unique Visit. This isn’t as common these days, although there these people are still out there.

NUMBER OF VISITS: This total are the total number of visits by all of your visitors over a certain period of time (day, week, month). Just say I were to visit your site, then come back 5 more times you should then see 1 Unique Visit from me & 6 total visits from me in a certain period of time.

PAGES: Pages is the total number of pages viewed by all visitors in a given period of time. These do not include java script or CSS, and does not include images. You will only see CGI & HTML type files viewed here.

BANDWIDTH: Bytes downloaded is where this number is derived from. If you have a page that has 60KB of text, and 3 images at 24 and 32 and 22 KB then each visitor to that specific page will take 136 KB of your bandwidth during that visit.

Your AWstats also gives you this information for the year, and also 30 days and even 7 days. Then you can even get as detailed as by the hour.


(TOP 25) Here you will see which countries are visiting your site, starting with the most popular, then down to the least.

HOSTS TOP 25: This will give you a breakdown of the top individual visitors to your web site.

ROBOTS/SPIDER TOP 25 VISITS: This is a wonderful tool to see when your favorite search engines have most recently visited your site as well as how many hits it has made. (remember again, that “hit” can be misleading here.)

This one here is an important stat. You can tell how long visitors are staying on your site. If a vast majority are leaving in the first 30 seconds? Then it might be time to rethink your design or content. (or they are possibly jumping on during for a quick visit to read your latest post etc.)

I could go on and on; but most of the other sections are pretty self explanatory. There are FILES/TYPES, TOP 25 PAGES, TOP 10 OPERATING SYSTEMS, TOP 10 BROWSERS, CONNECT TO SITE FROM, etc.

I mainly wanted to take time to touch on the most widely used ones. Unique Visitors, Page Views, Number of Hits, and Bandwidth. Not everyone has Awstats in their Cpanel (as not everyone has access to their Cpanel). From what I know GoDaddy does not offer a Cpanel for their hosting clients. If you have access to your Cpanel ( with a login & username, then your Awstats are listed in your LOGS part of the Cpanel ‘front page’. You just click on that option which takes you to the Awstats page. You can then see this month, or last month…and also see your comparison under the “monthly” option.
This stats program is the most comprehensive as it is connected right to your website. There is nothing you have to do to activate it, it does not take up extra room like all other stat programs (except Google Analytics)-as that is housed on Google’s site.
The only downside is you can’t see it from your WordPress Admin area. So I would recommend anyone to check it out as it is full of useful information. I hope this has shed some light on what can be a very confusing subject.

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